Below I've listed some resources to help those of you struggling with life after college and the transition into adulthood.

Life After College Video Series

Looking to get even more engaged with what life after college is life? Feeling like you're the ONLY one going through what you're feeling? Check out my Life After College videos here.


Master the Transition into Adulthood Mini-Kit

If you’re struggling to figure out the life you want to lead or with the transition from college to adulthood, signup to receive my free mini-kit. This mini-kit comes with unfiltered tips and tricks to live yo life the way you want!

In this mini kit you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re not the only one dealing with a quarter-life crisis – that despite what you may think, no one has it all figured out
  • Why you deserve to be happy now
  • Why your life’s purpose and passions in life can’t be figured out by just “thinking hard” – and how it can be figured out
  • And a bunch of other things not taught in your tuition paid for classes.

The guide is completely free, no gimmicks, just let me know where to send it here: