Peace Is Somewhere Inbetween

Often times I feel alone in my journey for my soul mate – this is with the assumption that I have one at all. I’ve made the mistake one too many times of assigning a role for someone of which they were never meant to play.

Banking on the potential I could have had with a guy, I would dismiss the anxiety-filled moments and cried dramatically when things didn’t turn out the way I saw things going on.

I’m still working on practicing non-attachment, releasing expectations, and clutching to the present moment.

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Re-Learning Patience

I have been pretty frustrated this week – feeling trapped in my mind with thoughts and feelings I was sure I had already processed. Then I began listening to a recording I have of an intuitive reading I had with a spiritual guide. At the time, I was so enamored with figuring out if I would ever have the career I’ve dreamt of. Listening to the recording was a great reminder to get myself out of the “woods,” that is to get out of my mind, and to work towards clearing my mind so that I can hear all the messages waiting to be delivered to me.

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