Fake It 'Till You Make It

At times, the only choice between faking it until you make it is pure insanity. Doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result would drive anyone mad.

I could not get this particular thought out my head and I couldn’t understand why my feelings weren’t reciprocated. I found myself often times in a boxing match with my feelings. The more I swung, the more I tried to annihilate my feelings, the more pronounced they became.

I was having one of the many moments I have where I was thinking aloud and speaking my life “as if…” Speaking your life “as if…” means to speak and live your life as if xyz occurred. So in my case, I’ve spoken as if I were confident. I would dress, speak, and walk if I were confident and in this way, I was able to see how the same world I used to view through the eyes of someone with low self-esteem, dramatically changed for me.

I changed nothing but my attitude on life and my perception aligned with that new attitude.

Living “as if” allows us to push our limits until we no longer know a comfort zone. It can be pretty scary at first but let’s start with this.

What is something you’re afraid to do? Let’s say public speaking – this is your fear and you have a presentation in front of your peers and your boss several management layers above you. The immediate response may be fear but what if you turn this on its’ head and act as you would if you were confident in your public speaking abilities? Watch as what seemed so scary, now seems feasible. If you actually were that confident, how would you speak, how would you act?

Too many times we shut ourselves off to living the life meant for us now because we’re waiting to be that confident person who can knock out a presentation. We’re waiting until we lose 30 pounds to enjoy life in a bathing suit. We’re waiting for a soul mate before we can be happy. But why can’t we do all these things now?

Why can’t we strive for confidence, and also live our lives as if we already have it? What’s there to lose?

So in that moment, I was dealing with something I did not want to accept. And instead of rejecting it and expecting a different result, I acted as if I did accept it, and taking it a step further, I acted as if I had chosen it. Because when we look at life as a sea possibility, we can see how much lie ahead us and how many choices we do have. Yea sure, something may not go as planned, but we make that choice as to whether or not we want to hold onto it and let it define us, or to accept it and let it be but a page in our book of life.

Take your situation no matter what it is, and act as you would if you chose the best option. Watch the peace enter into and be sustained in your life.