My Spiritual Routine

In my last post, I mentioned listening to the audio of an intuitive reading I had completed in Spring of this year. A huge takeaway from the reading was the importance of a morning & evening spiritual routine. Since then, I've developed a a simple routine that resonates with me.

Here's what I do to start and end my days peacefully:


Humming to the tunes of music. I have an affinity to SZA. I find her voice to be quite calming and enjoy humming and sometimes singing alone.

Reading an excerpt from The Power of Now. While listening to SZA, I will open my kindle app, flip to a random page, and read over the paragraph a few times. I find that each time I read from The Power of Now, I can take away something new from an excerpt I may have previously read. The resounding message is to always choose the present moment and you will see all your problems fade away.


Journaling. I have several journals. One of which is my journal of gratitude and manifestation. Each evening, I will climb into bed with a pen and jot down what occurred throughout the day I am grateful for. Then, I will add the things I will be grateful for in the future. For instance,

"Dear God and Universe,

Thank you for a great workout today. I'm so glad I stuck with my healthy eating and that my thyroid levels are getting better. (gratitude)

It's been a year since being off of my thyroid medication and all is well. I am finally starting to see the fruits of my labor in doing work I love full-time. (manifestation)"

Both practicing gratitude and manifesting bring a joy to me that can best be described as goosebumps, or perhaps it's the feeling of being present? Either way, I always find myself smiling when I go to bed after finishing my entry.

A spiritual routine can take on many forms but the key takeaway is to practice something good for your soul. It can be as simple as tea before bed and some affirmations. Whatever you choose for your spiritual routine, it is critical is living a peaceful life and saying dueces to the BS. What does your spiritual routine consist of?