Re-Learning Patience

I have been pretty frustrated this week – feeling trapped in my mind with thoughts and feelings I was sure I had already processed. Then I began listening to a recording I have of an intuitive reading I had with a spiritual guide. At the time, I was so enamored with figuring out if I would ever have the career I’ve dreamt of. Listening to the recording was a great reminder to get myself out of the “woods,” that is to get out of my mind, and to work towards clearing my mind so that I can hear all the messages waiting to be delivered to me.

She said depending on how bad I want this life, depending on how bad I want to know what has always been true for me, then I’ve got to develop a consistent morning and evening spiritual practice. This week has been a reminder of what happens when I don’t take the just 15 minutes to write in my gratitude journal at night.

I was dealing heavily with anger these past 2 weeks as I had recently lashed out. I’ve noticed this pattern of lashing out at least once a year over something so small in the grand scheme of things. But in the moment, it’s like a pit bull takes over with one main objective in mind, win. Win the argument – you must be right! And in the end, this pit bull has either killed friendships or left people with a whole new view of me.

I’ve been exhausted my mind and with myself. Why have I been returning to old emotions? And I as I’ve set a goal this week to reconvene reading of The Power of Now, I was reminded to dis-identify with my mind. I was reminded to neither judge nor latch onto any thoughts, but to simply be the watcher.

Even when we think we’ve learned a lesson, sometimes the Universe has a way of making us learn the lesson again presented in another challenge. And this week, the lesson has been patience.

Patience when someone cuts me off while driving, patience when others don’t follow thru, patience with those I love whose intentions are never to hurt me, and patience with myself.

Sometimes we’re too lazy to set aside the time our spirit so desperately needs. We’ll be so good about everything else – eating healthy, exercising, laughing a lot but actually setting aside time to quiet our minds, however we do that – meditation, reading affirmations, humming a tune is something that gets sacrificed all too much.

As I’m encouraging myself, I’d encourage you to take the time necessary every day to appreciate the peace already within yourself. Just as a painful soul seems to attract more pain, a happy soul will attract more happiness. So, feed your soul because when you do, you’ll feed your life.