Embracing Life's Impermanence

Everyone that enters our life brings with them a unique lesson. It usually isn't until the person has left our life that we truly understand why we crossed paths.

One thing I've learned is that those that are meant to stay in our lives will and when they are meant to fall to the wayside they will.

Life is impermanent - this means anyone and everything in our life will at some point cease to exist.

It can be a morbid thought when looked at it thru one lens but if you turn the  fact on its' head you'll see the freedom in it.

Knowing that everything is impermanent pushes us to practice non-attachment where we don't put our value or our happiness into anything external to us. When we find our value and happiness within, we'll always have it because you'll always have yourself. But when we do the opposite - when we seek refuge in anything external to us, we're bound to feel unfulfilled at some point.

We're bound to attach to that which was never meant to be latched onto. I've wondered why romantic love creates an attachment that doesn't appear as present with family love or friendship love. I think this is because when we find our romantic partner, sometimes we make the mistake of thinking this person makes us whole - as if we have been walking as a half until meeting this person.

The error in this is that even if we do say our vows and promise a life together, at some point, we will be apart. And if we place half of ourselves onto another - another person who by nature is impermanent to us, we'll never sustain fulfillment.

I say, continue to let others infuse more happiness, more laughs into your life - after all those who do the very opposite should be avoided as much as possible - but remember, that this is all the cherry on top of the value and happiness you were already born with.

When you release attachment to others, they are free to play the role destined for them in your life. It becomes clear why they were placed in your life at a specific time. Non-attachment (not to be confused with detachment) allows us to flow with life instead of against it.

Make your life more peaceful by embracing its' impermanence instead of fighting it. It is true that we are not immortal, so why not spend the time here enjoying it as much as possible?