The Uncertain Future

There's peace to be found despite the uncertain future and all too often we choose instead to be worried.

Worried that our present decisions will work against us in the future.

Worried that we will never get to where we feel we should be in life.

Worried that we'll never be happy.

But uncertainty is inevitable. We are not all knowing beings and I think it's for the best. If you could look into a crystal ball and see your future, would you?

Yes it may help ease the worries but it could just as well create more worries.

I asked my mom if she could know the exact day she would die, would she want to know, she said yes, because then she would adjust her life accordingly and live on the edge.

She then asked me, and I replied no, I'm doing a pretty good job of balancing life living in the moment and planning for the future. And even amidst the times I let uncertainty get the best of me, I know one thing for certain - anything could happen.

When I look back at my life just 2 years prior, there's no way I could imagine that one day I'd be able to work with life's uncertainties instead of against it.

I've taken on the belief of law of attraction - in essence, what you feel, you attract more of. Control your thoughts, influence your feelings, and watch your reality reflect what you've called into your life.

But as we get older, we become jaded about the world of possibility. We learn about poverty, racism, sexism etc and we see what works against us - blocking out what works for us.

Finding peace means silencing that which states you can't, that which states you shouldn't,  and giving a platform to that which says you can, to that which says you will. It means tossing aside society's rhetoric of how you should handle your life and instead, handling it the best way you know how.

It means being at peace with the present with an understanding that no, you don't know what will happen or when some things will happen good and bad but so long as you keep the Now as the most important above past and future, you can uncover peace.

Take solace in spite of an uncertain future.

No one knows exactly if or when certain things will unfold for them in their lives.

But if you spend your time waiting  for happiness, waiting for life to feel as it should, waiting to no longer feel you are waiting, you'll be waiting forever only to see that life is meant to be lived now.

You can be happy now, life can feel as it should now, and you no longer have to wait for life.

Make the active decision that no matter what your past held, what your future may look like, that by choosing the present you can also choose peace.