My "No Social Media" Fast

Seem seema who go tha keys to my beamah. I have no idea what triggered that random Beanie Man line. Hmm. Anyways, if you've followed my last blog closely, you'll know I was on a social media fast of 60-days which ended on March 21st.

While on the end of the fast, I uncovered several things about myself leaving me to question my thought processes and habits.

This year I shamelessly stated on my YouTube channel, that my number one goal was to stay present.

Not soon after, I thought back to the 24-hour technology fast which was required as a class assignment back in undergrad for a course in the socialization of technology. And I thought about how challenging and yet freeing it was.

When you don't have information constantly bombarding you, you have more time to make space and have peace within you.

No longer will you worry about what you're missing out on and no longer will you consistently compare yourself to the highlight reels of other people's lives.

If you seek more meaning in your life, if you feel too busy to accomplish anything meaningful, try a social media fast. Some observations I made:

1. Comparison is the stealer of joy. Someone will always have more than you and someone will always have less.

2. Perspective is reality. Any and every event in life has at least 2 perspectives -  happening to you or happening for you.

3. You have more time than you think. I read two books while on the fast and found myself falling asleep earlier waking up refreshed instead of crawling out of bed each morning.

I am still reaping the benefits of putting my incessant use of social media aside and instead engaging in the present moment. I'm laughing more, connecting to those around my deeper, and my constant fear of not doing what I should be doing with my life has slowed.

So try it - even if it's just for a week.

I know, I know - how will I keep in touch with my friends? (There are 11 ways for people to contact me, I guarantee there are at least 3 for you outside of social media)

What if I miss something important? (Has all important news been delivered to you solely via social media? Try an online news magazine or perhaps *gasp* talking to people in person)

I'll be so bored! (Bored people are boring...J/K only slightly. How about trying that thing you said you would if you had more time? There's no better time than now)

While social media definitely has its' benefits with the ability to spread messages across a vast diversity of audience, the drawbacks are definitely worth thinking about a time or two.