A Reminder To Remain Present

In 2015, I set my intention for the year - be present - and it resulted in the best year of my life thus far. But as the year came to an end I worried that there was no more goodness left, that the best time of my life was coming to an end. Oh what a familiar feeling! Being in college and high school, they say to you "these are the best years of your life," and so when you hit the quarter life crisis after graduating, it's natural to panic. It's natural to think, "if those were the best years of my life, I'm only 22 so now it's on to a mediocre life?? Wait, I don't even really feel like an adult...maybe I can push this whole adult thing out a little longer...??"

Breathe. I had to remind myself to breathe. And also remind myself to come back to the present moment.

This past weekend was so simple and yet fulfilling. I got a chance to hang out with one of my closest friends who visited from out of town and we were content sipping wine, catching up and cracking up.

Last night, I toasted to my new job with some friends from work in downtown Santa Ana and I was just so happy to be out exploring the night life of a city I hadn't previously frequented with good vibes and good company.

I was also reminded of the wonders that having no expectations can do for your life. Expectations pull you out of the present forcing you to constantly look ahead, hoping that what's to come fits what you picture in your mind. Dropping expectations allows you to rest in the present, at ease that what's to come, is simply that - it's what to come. Allow it to be.

I think it's safe to say we could all use a little bit more presence in our lives and the beauty of it is, is that there is an endless supply for all of us.

The present is where I had all my fun and where I will continue to thrive. Coming into March, I'm no longer worried about the times ahead. Sure, things have changed in my life but I think it's more accurate to say things have shifted in a direction that continue to allow me to live out an amazing life.

Hey Twenty Sexy! (I'm Officially 26)

Two days ago, I turned 26. I woke up to text message alerts and pings from my iMac. I smiled, blessed and grateful to see another birthday. I spent the two days prior in a panic, a sense of urgency rushed over me as I realized how quickly another year passed by. It felt like time slipped away right before I could catch it. The beauty of this year though was that I genuinely enjoyed every moment. I spent so much time in the present moment that each day felt like a gift. With each person I met, I thought, “Hm I wonder what lesson they will bring to me...”

I was excited for life, the downs didn’t feel so low this year and the highs seemed to skyrocket. I learned of my resilience this year. After all, I spent the first weeks after my 25th birthday deep into heartbreak.  But I got through it – not a chip on my shoulder in sight.

Relieved – I look back at every moment, even the not so good and I smile.

I understand the temporary nature of life and I haven’t let fear derail me but rather steer me more into what it is I need to do.

I’m now facilitating new employees at my job and have a new position in our early career organization. I’m constantly pushing for more all the while staying in gratitude for what I do have.

I tried a new diet lifestyle which proved to be much more than physically beneficial. I began to see food differently and instead of being afraid of the repercussions of what I was eating, I saw the benefits.

I flowed in the direction of each of my friendships allowing those that were no longer mutually beneficial fall to the wayside and growing closer to others.

I stood up for myself and honored my emotions by eliminating men from my life who weren’t in line with what I need for a life partner.

I didn’t let me emotions take over me but rather used them as a guide to see what felt right for me and to help clarify what didn’t quite fit.

I looked at myself from every angle and fell in love. I know I have things I can get better at but that just means I have more of a life to live. To be able to accept and love yourself unconditionally is a beautiful but very challenging thing to do. And this year, I can say I do. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

I am so grateful for what I feel to be one of the best years of my life and look forward to what 26 has in store for me.

I posted a YouTube video speaking about my goals and lessons learned for the age of 25.

And now on to age 26. My goals for this year:

  1. Create a savings plan of income for 6-months
  2. Abs, abs, abs!
  3. Journal and Gratitude journal at least 1x per week
  4. Practice acceptance, letting go and non-attachment
  5. Travel to Thailand

This year proved to me that I’m on the right track and by trusting the knowledge I have and my intuition, I will always make the best decision I can at the current point in time.

And although I freaked out a bit at time passing quickly, I’m using that as a driver to continuously live a life on my own terms aligned with my values.

I’m excited for 26 because I feel like I finally got so many things right at age 25. I know despite whatever challenges are ahead, I can handle them with grace.

Goodbye 25, you were amazing and hello 26, may you bring fresh experiences, lessons, and as always, fun!

When You Feel Like You're Out of Time

While having my ends trimmed, my stylist and I chatted about what retirement would look like for each of us. She asked me, "What would you do more of, if you had more time?" "Hm maybe travel and volunteer more, but for the most part, there's nothing more I would do that I don't do now." She expressed to me how she felt she never had enough time. I wondered if the fact that I see life through the lens of abundance is what allows me to see time as an asset.

Her question left me with the confirmation that I am doing a pretty good job of balancing my life. Of course there's always more we can do in life, and sure, I have a bucket list but I also realize the importance and beauty of the present moment.

It is when we live out of the present moment we are most miserable.

So in my case, just 3 weeks shy of my birthday, her one question helped me to also be reminded that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. I haven't 'missed out' on anything, for what is mine will always be mine.

Over the first couple of years out of college, I spent a majority of time worried if I was wasting potential I had for a dream career I hadn't found yet. I questioned my life's purpose, my passions, and just what exactly it was I brought uniquely to the world.

Now that I am headed further into adulthood, I've been able to make peace with these types of questions knowing that there is no right answer. In fact, maybe life's purpose is to live on purpose.

And now I have a bigger fear of regret than failure. I know that my days are limited and so I balance living my best life now and planning for my future.

Being able to balance your life is all about prioritization. I'm a strong believer that for the most part, we do exactly what we want to. We choose to go to a shitty job or make a career change, we choose to stay in an unfulfilling relationship or to leave knowing we deserve better, and we choose to eat just one more donut or to change our eating habits to support us.

With this mindset, I balance my top values in life of connecting with others, expressing myself openly and honestly, and being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. For me, this looks like: spending time with loved ones on a weekly basis, creating and curating content I actually care about, and exercising my physical and mental states.

It wasn't until I first understood my values in life, then started tweaking my life to reflect those values did I actually start to feel the balance and peace ever present in my life.

I still have my not-so-good moments of course, but I know exactly what to do to recalibrate and bring myself back to a good space. My question to you would now be, how do you find balance in your life? Think about if you feel like you're always out of time or if you feel like time is on your side and adjust where necessary.