A Little Assessment

What I like about this guy

1.       His patience – he never shouts and is slow to anger very much opposite of me

2.       He stays around. He could classify me as crazy and move on, but he hasn’t.

3.       His optimism – He attempts to see the positive in anything


1.       He’s non-verbal. I will blatantly tell him how to fix an issue and he will change the subject

2.       He doesn’t plan in advance. He’ll plan for a day but not give me specifics until the day of

3.       He’s non-verbal, did I say he’s non-verbal? He missed the point when I explain my issue with him

What I Wish

1.       He would plan and communicate to me days in advance instead of the day of

2.      He would articulate his feelings verbally

Things I Need to Improve

1.       Giving him space, I feel like I don’t give him enough space to be decisive and want him to work according to my timeline

2.       The fear that he doesn’t really like me, he’ll get fed up with my tantrums and leave. Even if that does happen, my best chance at preventing it is to stop the blow ups. I have to address two parts:

  • Constantly looking for evidence that he doesn’t feel the same and instead look for the opposite
  • Ask why I’m so afraid he won’t like me

3.       My negative attitude. I’m fighting this bully in my head that says I’m undeserving, causing me to create a self-fulfilling prophecy as I lash out