My First Home Purchase

Ah yes it's been awhile, almost 2 months to be exact and so much has occurred. First and best foremost, I bought a home! The journey of escrow was more trying mentally than I could have anticipated and there were many a times I had to remind myself of the beauty that laid past the mistakes of my loan advisor.

But I'm here now, in my home, well not as I'm writing this but I'm all moved in and thankfully I have a father that is both retired and a handyman. The progress he has made has made my new place feel like a home that much sooner.

I'm still a little unsettled, waking at the slightest noise but I anticipate that will go away as I get more acclimated. A note about the move: it was the most efficient move I've had so far. Having moved in and out of the college dorms four times, each time seemingly taking longer than the previous year, I set my intention for that not to be the case with this move.

I gave myself 2 weeks of packing for 2 hours a night making sure that as soon as my friends and family came to help me move they would have nothing to pack. I was wrapping furniture and at one point tossing random things in boxes being as specific as possible with labeling and I think the colored tape system was a HUGE help.

One thing since moving though, I haven't been sleeping as much as I would like. Why? I'm up watching home décor videos. It's crazy how much I love this stuff. And finally having an office space opens up the possibilities for me to be that much more creative in my space.

I spend less time on the computer since I now have a big, fancy ass television. Do you know, I went in Costco intending to get a 45 inch and came out with a 55??? This is what happens when your dad is a TV fanatic and has a big ass TV himself *rolls eyes.* Oh welp, it's mounted now and I'm happy with my decision.

On another note, I've been thinking a lot lately about if it's "wrong" that I don't want to know anything further about my exes, well specifically about their love lives. I think it's because I don't want the reminder that things didn't work between us despite me no longer having the desire to be with them. Part of it feels petty and like it's coming from a place of possessiveness? In general it's not an issue but there's the one guy who I finally set a boundary and said no more intimacy unless we're going to be committed and now the question is can we truly just be friends? Can I listen to him with neutrality? Can he respect my boundary to not discuss a future between us unless he's ready to act on it?

It's not a daily distress seeing as he and I only speak at pivotal moments in our lives. His birthday, my birthday and right before the new year. I just don't know if him and I interacting at all is conducive to me living a peaceful life? I'm trying not to stress it but I suspect the random moments it comes up for me, he's thinking of me too.

Anyways, I'm putting my focus on my home and being mindful of my peace of mind.