Waiting In Limbo

It feels kind of odd being back. Like I'm in a sort of limbo between vacation and my usual day to day, almost if I'm not supposed to be here. My boss claims he saw me driving Saturday and I honestly couldn't tell you what I was doing Saturday other than sleeping.

Let me back track, I was in Thailand for a week and some change. The travel was a bit enduring having lost 2 days on our way there with a 6-hour layover in a non-conditioned airport. But it was so worth it for the flavorful street food, unlimited Thai teas and beautiful white sandy beaches. I was grateful for the escape. kop khun ka.

It was nice to wake up without any obligations on my plate, exhilarating to zip line in the beautiful forest, soothing to be in the warm ocean water and exciting to visit with tigers. There was a perfect combination between just chillaxing and engaging in activities. I watched just over half of Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black, read some, and got some well needed rest.

Seeing the daily life of the Thailand natives, I was reminded of just how narrow my worldview can be. I felt fortunate that the cities we visited were so accommodating to English-speakers. It constantly baffled me that I didn't need to or even feel the need to know much of the language - that I could navigate just fine with my iPhone and common sense.

The food...oh the food. It was so cheap!  With street food there are no menus of course and with the cook speaking little to no English all we could go off of was the smell and look of a particular dish. This pushed me to try food I never would have here at home and for the 1 or 2 dishes I didn't really care for, there were quite a few more that I've added to my list of Thai dishes I enjoy.

After day 5 I found myself missing what I thought of as basic essentials - my bed, toilet seat covers, air conditioning, etc. To think initially I wanted to stay for 2 whole weeks! 8 days was just the right amount of time and I think having a travel partner I meshed with well attributed to a well executed trip.

This is my thank you to Thailand, I truly enjoyed myself, I learned a lot about the history of the country and was able to encapsulate myself in its' beauty.