The Phoniness is Too Much

I don't understand the phoniness. Everyone is counting down the days until our boss retires and yet some of those same people are planning to attend his retirement dinner. Hm. I just don't get it.

I understand how you'd have to work with and even work for someone who you're not particularly fond of - to a certain degree. In my last team we had this man that every time he would even speak, it was with a harsh tone. I never made comment of it but when he blatantly disrespected our current boss at the time and hung up, I could not understand why he'd act in such a childish way.

But this is a bigger thing than just my boss' retirement party and who attends because I really don't care who chooses to, I moreso care about your words being consistent with your actions. Major brownie points are lost in my book if you can't do that.

The bigger portion is my observations on why people do certain things at my job at all.

Consistently I've noticed people getting so riled up that they will over speak one another, become visibility agitated and sometimes curse. I'm not a prude, if you read just a few of my other blog posts, you'd know that but when I came in a 22-year-old fresh off the college boat, I expected a certain level of professionalism.

I quickly learned to dissolve those expectations and watch for how people show me who they are. Some, have been nice and helpful.

But still there's others who I wonder, is this job your life? Why are you getting so angry? Why is anything agitating you at work that much? It's not like our jobs are so high pressure that someone's life is at risk and even if it was, wouldn't the best course of action be to remain calm?

Sigh, I feel like I'm preaching.

I just have a certain way of approaching work that I think would make others' lives easier is all. I'm very compartmentalized with things in life. I don't mix too many things because then I can't stay focused.

So for instance with work, any home issues, I check those at the door. I come into work ready to work and if I just can't do it that day, I'll take the day off. I don't come into work.

And similarly, when I leave work. I've left work. Now, I may rant every now and then. But you won't hear me going on and on about work. It's just not in my nature.

As I'm writing this, I see this is just a release. I care less about this the more I write. Haha

I guess for me because it's...I go to work for a paycheck, I just don't see a need to get emotionally invested in it. And I have to hold back my laughs at people who do. Terrible I know.

Look, I just appreciate people's consistency is all. And if you choose not to be, mental note taken. Oh and one more thing, I wish people wouldn't come by my desk when I'm eating. I like to enjoy my food in peace damnit!