Another One Bites the Dust

You know what, you can just get your ass in line with all the other guys in my life that weren't right for me. Sure, it was a little bit disappointing hearing that you "don't like dealing with people in their feelings," but it wasn't too surprising. I just feel like, I've been here before, I've heard a man say he was an asshole and warn me about himself only to be right. I need not go through that pain to learn the lesson again.

At this point it's kind of funny. How ridiculous do you have to be to tell a woman you would rather only deal with her when she's happy? Did you not get the memo that we as women need to feel comforted and protected to fall into you? That statement has literally pushed me away the furthest you could imagine.

And you, so wrapped up in yourself probably won't even notice I've backed away.

It's fine.

You were taking up space, now get out of the way for the real man to come thru.

I want to look at him and just say really? Men are still thinking this shit? Aren't you supposed to be doing and saying things to draw me closer? How am I supposed to feel when you push me away like that?

You know what, I don't care all that much. I'm just able to walk away a lot quicker these days without much dust to brush off my shoulders.

I laughed with my friend Saturday telling her this story. I thought of all the men I hoped were going to be this and that in my life, and I looked and saw how half of them were not even on my wavelength and others clearly not right for me.

I'm glad I'm getting to this place where I can seriously say and mean, if you walk away, it is your loss and my gain.

I'm awesome, I bring so many valuable things to the table - I self-reflect, self-adjust, am not too prideful to apologize, I could go on. I'm not perfect, no, but I see the person I've grown into and I refuse to settle for men at a lower frequency than me.

I understand all men who have entered my life, all people who have entered my life,  were there to bring me a gift of a lesson.

So I cry less when it ends and I don't intertwine my peace of mind within someone else's hands. As Mya said, "I'm movin on."