Hey Twenty Sexy! (I'm Officially 26)

Two days ago, I turned 26. I woke up to text message alerts and pings from my iMac. I smiled, blessed and grateful to see another birthday. I spent the two days prior in a panic, a sense of urgency rushed over me as I realized how quickly another year passed by. It felt like time slipped away right before I could catch it. The beauty of this year though was that I genuinely enjoyed every moment. I spent so much time in the present moment that each day felt like a gift. With each person I met, I thought, “Hm I wonder what lesson they will bring to me...”

I was excited for life, the downs didn’t feel so low this year and the highs seemed to skyrocket. I learned of my resilience this year. After all, I spent the first weeks after my 25th birthday deep into heartbreak.  But I got through it – not a chip on my shoulder in sight.

Relieved – I look back at every moment, even the not so good and I smile.

I understand the temporary nature of life and I haven’t let fear derail me but rather steer me more into what it is I need to do.

I’m now facilitating new employees at my job and have a new position in our early career organization. I’m constantly pushing for more all the while staying in gratitude for what I do have.

I tried a new diet lifestyle which proved to be much more than physically beneficial. I began to see food differently and instead of being afraid of the repercussions of what I was eating, I saw the benefits.

I flowed in the direction of each of my friendships allowing those that were no longer mutually beneficial fall to the wayside and growing closer to others.

I stood up for myself and honored my emotions by eliminating men from my life who weren’t in line with what I need for a life partner.

I didn’t let me emotions take over me but rather used them as a guide to see what felt right for me and to help clarify what didn’t quite fit.

I looked at myself from every angle and fell in love. I know I have things I can get better at but that just means I have more of a life to live. To be able to accept and love yourself unconditionally is a beautiful but very challenging thing to do. And this year, I can say I do. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

I am so grateful for what I feel to be one of the best years of my life and look forward to what 26 has in store for me.

I posted a YouTube video speaking about my goals and lessons learned for the age of 25.

And now on to age 26. My goals for this year:

  1. Create a savings plan of income for 6-months
  2. Abs, abs, abs!
  3. Journal and Gratitude journal at least 1x per week
  4. Practice acceptance, letting go and non-attachment
  5. Travel to Thailand

This year proved to me that I’m on the right track and by trusting the knowledge I have and my intuition, I will always make the best decision I can at the current point in time.

And although I freaked out a bit at time passing quickly, I’m using that as a driver to continuously live a life on my own terms aligned with my values.

I’m excited for 26 because I feel like I finally got so many things right at age 25. I know despite whatever challenges are ahead, I can handle them with grace.

Goodbye 25, you were amazing and hello 26, may you bring fresh experiences, lessons, and as always, fun!