When You Feel Like You're Out of Time

While having my ends trimmed, my stylist and I chatted about what retirement would look like for each of us. She asked me, "What would you do more of, if you had more time?" "Hm maybe travel and volunteer more, but for the most part, there's nothing more I would do that I don't do now." She expressed to me how she felt she never had enough time. I wondered if the fact that I see life through the lens of abundance is what allows me to see time as an asset.

Her question left me with the confirmation that I am doing a pretty good job of balancing my life. Of course there's always more we can do in life, and sure, I have a bucket list but I also realize the importance and beauty of the present moment.

It is when we live out of the present moment we are most miserable.

So in my case, just 3 weeks shy of my birthday, her one question helped me to also be reminded that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. I haven't 'missed out' on anything, for what is mine will always be mine.

Over the first couple of years out of college, I spent a majority of time worried if I was wasting potential I had for a dream career I hadn't found yet. I questioned my life's purpose, my passions, and just what exactly it was I brought uniquely to the world.

Now that I am headed further into adulthood, I've been able to make peace with these types of questions knowing that there is no right answer. In fact, maybe life's purpose is to live on purpose.

And now I have a bigger fear of regret than failure. I know that my days are limited and so I balance living my best life now and planning for my future.

Being able to balance your life is all about prioritization. I'm a strong believer that for the most part, we do exactly what we want to. We choose to go to a shitty job or make a career change, we choose to stay in an unfulfilling relationship or to leave knowing we deserve better, and we choose to eat just one more donut or to change our eating habits to support us.

With this mindset, I balance my top values in life of connecting with others, expressing myself openly and honestly, and being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. For me, this looks like: spending time with loved ones on a weekly basis, creating and curating content I actually care about, and exercising my physical and mental states.

It wasn't until I first understood my values in life, then started tweaking my life to reflect those values did I actually start to feel the balance and peace ever present in my life.

I still have my not-so-good moments of course, but I know exactly what to do to recalibrate and bring myself back to a good space. My question to you would now be, how do you find balance in your life? Think about if you feel like you're always out of time or if you feel like time is on your side and adjust where necessary.