Guess Who's Back??

Welp, I’m back. I just felt like this is where I left my voice. I created a new blog and the initial sense of freedom of expression came to a screeching halt when I felt like I had to pull back on the personal stories and write my posts in a way that was unnatural for me. Growing up, I never would call myself a writer. I felt like, I understood math, I liked how there was one right answer, no grey area. Whereas English class, was a vast array of colors and I never seemed to be able to find the words to say what I wanted.

Now that the blogging world is so huge and there has become less of need to have correct punctuation and more of an emphasis on what is being said, I feel more free to express myself.

I initially left this blog, moving on with the intention to make my posts more reader-orientated. I wanted you as the reader to explicitly feel included in what I was writing. And I still want that. But I want to continue to do that in way that resonates with me, rather than trying to fit the mold of what I picture to be a good blogger.

Everyone has their own style of writing, of what resonates, of life and it’s not always going to align with each person we encounter nor does it have to. Relationships come and go. Life is very fluid, we bump into ideas, cross paths with friends, and stray away from habits only to do it over and over again.

And as much as it is in my nature to create a plan and see it thru, what I’m learning on this entrepreneurial journey, hell what I’m learning in life’s journey, is that it’s all about experimentation and adjustment. Sometimes there is not a definite line of when something is done, rather it’s the desire to do something else, that I think serves as an indicator that we are done with a particular chapter in our lives.

So, I’ll be here. Right there in the corner. Alessia Cara “Here” reference anyone? Okay, maybe I just lost you.

Look, ya girl Lexi D. is back. And I feel like I’ve come home. Return to my blog frequently for new blog posts as I take you along my journey; finally starting to feel I’m transitioning out of my quarter life crisis and into adulthood with confidence.