My Farewell to 2014

For some time I couldn't bid a fair adieu to the year 2014 because my recent heart break interfered with my ability to reflect on my life, months prior. Thankfully I'm now in a space where I can finally look back on 2014 and not just see the tail end coming to a close with me crying myself on the bathroom floor.

Dear 2014,

Woah. I just, wow. This was the year I showed the most consistency probably ever in my life. I had two goals: find out my life's purpose and to lose 30 lbs and while I didn't exactly accomplish both, what I accomplished left me feeling much more empowered than I could have imagined. So let's take a look back shall we?

It started off with the completion of my first ever juice-only cleanse. I was dead set on making a healthy lifestyle change and with my nutribullet in one hand and my gym membership in the other, I did just that. I averaged 5 days a week of working out, green smoothies are my typical breakfast, and water has become my preferred drink of choice. I started finding therapy in cooking and finally got to a place where I love, appreciate, and honor my body.

As for my life's purpose, I'd bring in each morning in January listening to another interview in the series of I Am Enough. I came to find that who I am and always have been is enough. In turn, I came to see my intrinsic value and while I tossed back and forth with my life's purpose I came to this simple thought: my life's purpose is to live ON purpose. My life's purpose is to weather the storm and not fight it. And once that became clear to me, it didn't matter the career I was dead set on beginning in March 2015 was no longer a career I envisioned myself, because the experience itself taught me more about what I do want out of a career - it taught me more about what I want out of life.

I achieved some milestones in my life:

  • Launching my blog and blogged weekly
  • Staying consistent with my YouTube channel by posting weekly and launching a VLOG channel
  • Having my very first client
  • Gave two talks about Life After College
  • I turned 25 and had the BEST birthday yet! Yeeee!
  • Became closer than ever to my family
  • Completed two juice fasts
  • ANDDD continuously challenged myself by setting weekly goals with my accountability partner

There were definitely a lot more highs this year, unlike the year of 2013 where I felt pitted against a battle almost daily, I took 2014 into my hands and made it into a year I could mold and learn from. I wouldn't change anything, including the heart break towards the end of the year because I know now that life is happening FOR me, not TO me and with that I brought in 2015 with some friends feeling stronger and more hopeful for my future than ever.

I've set my intentions and things I'd like to manifest in my life for this year:

  1. Meditating everyday
  2. Journaling in my notebook at least once a week
  3. Completing A Simple Year Course
  4. Accepting myself and loving who I am
  5. Filling up an empty jar with good memories for the year to read on my 26th birthday

I'm excited for my journey ahead and take peace in knowing that I have the power to live the life I've always wanted to, anytime I choose to. My happiness no longer dependent on external things, I've smashed happiness barriers and I'm able to see the silver lining in every situation.

I look to the past for lessons learned and to the future for inspiration but most importantly, I look to the present to keep me sane for the past is simply present moments gone and the future is simply present moments that have yet to come.